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She went to summer camp after finishing university to escape the pressures of life, people and to be free for 3 months before coming back and getting a job in industry. Let’s learn a little more about Olivia Peace.


Age: 21

Where from: Hull, England.

How old were you when you first left the country: 9 years old (unless you count flying to America in my mum’s stomach).

How many countries travelled: 7, I think. I’ve been to America, Turkey, Spain and the Canary Islands, Italy, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. I’ve been to a couple of these places more than once too!

Favourite place/country: America for sure. Amazing country on the whole.

Why? I went to summer camp in the summer of 2017 and had the time of my life. I will always remember America for giving me the opportunity to meet the most amazing people, do the most amazing things, and see the most amazing places.

Plus, it’s just so huge it blows my mind every time. The fact that I had to get internal flights from Orlando, Florida to New York still seems crazy to me. I just can’t comprehend it without it hurting my brain.

Next trip? I’d love to go to Amsterdam and Iceland – they’re the top of my list at the moment! Then Mexico to see my camp friends who live there.

Bucket list? Yes! I want to do lots of crazy adventures and my current aim is to jump out of a plane or bungee jump in Australia or New Zealand. I just want to go everywhere and anywhere so if anyone’s up for a trip away – I’ll be there!

What stops you from travelling? Not having the time or people to go with. Before I went to camp I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go with me and make it real rather than a concept. I can save money now I have a job and can budget, but it’s difficult for my friends to get the same money if they’re not in a similar position. And even then, we all have contrasting schedules with work so it’s much more difficult. Most of my friends live all over the world and are in different phases of life so it’s hard. It’s a bummer all round.

Best food you’ve eaten in another country? A spanish omelette. I had it recently when I went to Majorca and it blew my mind. To be honest though, there was nothing special about it – I could have made it at home. I think it’s just the novelty of eating it where I was and it just tasted so so good.

No. 1 road-trip song? At the moment I’m still under the influence of summer camp, and one song that was played non-stop is called Tudo Bom by Static & Ben El Tavori. The counsellors learnt a dance to it for our Camp Olympics and it’s so damn catchy.






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