5 random global travel facts you wouldn’t expect

1) Iceland has a very err, phallic, museum.


It is said to be home to 93 species of penis: Photo by Wikicommons

No literally. It’s called The Icelandic Phallological Museum, and it’s known for its vast collection of penises. While you might not want to skip a visit to the Blue Lagoon or its Nordic glaciers and waterfalls to see it, it’s cheap and let’s face it – you’ll never forget what you see.


2) In Japan, a melon sold for an astounding ¥3 million (£21,500).


The price of a melon could pay for a house – but the melon is obviously the healthier and better choice all around right? Photo by Wikicommons

And that was this year. That’s just over two years of your university tuition. But why pay that back when you can buy some really awesome, premium cantaloupes?


3) In Peru, people fear a visit from an Evil Bird.



Time for a myth-tery. In ancient times in the province of Cañete, the appearance of this horrible bird signified doom – it’s presence announced that death was coming. The belief is that when it appears, it lands and sings on the house of the individual who is going to die.

Along with the belief that this bird was terrifying to encounter, it’s said to have horrid black feathers and large, bulging eyes. It apparently rarely comes the village now, instead living in the trees and kept hidden by the leaves.


4) Spain celebrates grapes on New Year’s Eve.


You read that right. 12 Lucky Grapes is a New Year’s tradition, and as far as customs go, it does make sense (kind of).

As the countdown begins, people all over Spain will be grabbing their grapes – literally – ready for the stroke of midnight. Each of the 12 grapes is said to represent each month of the year. So with every chime of the clock, they will eat one grape to bring one month of luck for the next year. It becomes a race to swallow all 12 grapes before the clock stops chiming.

Watch this video to see it experienced first hand. It makes sense, but the idea was originally popularised by the country’s vine growers to sell any excess grapes. Crafty marketing indeed.


5) Disney’s Moana is different in Italy thanks to porn star connotations.


Do you know of another Moana? Photo from Bago Games

The award-winning film has been renamed to “Oceania” in Italy after concerns that the name of the film would be associated with a famous Italian porn star. Moana Pozzi, a porn actress and TV personality, is still a household name for many Italian adults – despite her death in 1994. It was too much of a risk to have kids Googling “Moana” and finding porn videos. Oops.






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