11 thoughts you’ll experience if you go to summer camp

1) Oh my god. The plane is actually moving. I’m actually setting off. This is it. I’m strong and I’m independent. I’m actually doing this. I can so do this.

2) Ohmygodohmygodohmygod what am I doing why did I do this where am I going again who am I omg I hate turbulence I am going to die.

3) Okay these people are amazing, I love them all, I think we’re best friends, we should be best friends, do you wanna be best friends?

4) Right, I’m a week into camp and I think I’m getting the hang of this counsellor thing. FINALLY I can A) get a tan, B) get fit, and C) start my summer romance.

5) Oh hell the kids are here, oh crap they’re everywhere, nO you cannot leave the bunk, yES you can braid my hair, nO Bridget you cannot say that, how am I going to last…

6) That’s it, I can’t do this anymore, I quit, I’m tired, it’s too much, I’ve broken, this is the end.

7) Man what was I thinking, I’m a total don at this counsellor job, I have the best friends, the kids are actually behaving, they all love me, man what was I crying about? I’m doing amazing sweetie.

8) There’s only two weeks of camp left what the hell, wHERE has the time gone, I’ve got so much left to do, so much wisdom to depart on everyone, when am I going to see my friends again, I’ll visit you as soon as I can, oh wait I need money, cry cry.

9) The three things I wanted to happen didn’t happen at all, I didn’t tan, I didn’t get fit and I didn’t have a summer romance, I am full of regret. Oh well, there’s always next year.

10) I literally cannot believe I left packing this last minute, I have waaay too much stuff, no room in my suitcase, whAT am I going to do, oh I can get rid of that towel, and those shorts, I probably won’t need those shoes, man I’m still over, ooh I can give this to Rachel, that should do the trick.

11) Damn these post-camp blues, why did I come back? The weather’s still crap and I already miss my camp friends. I need my bed.





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